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We had a great Halloween weekend. 

Friday Richard was home with the boys when I got home from work, and there was enough snow for a snowman in the back yard.  

Saturday was the neighborhood party at the new park, Finn was sick and slept at home through most of it, but he and Richard made it eventually.  The kids were in costume, with food, music, bouncy castles, etc.  Milo had a ball.  This picture is as they were starting a money search in a pile of leaves.


Milo leaving for the park.  

Sunday Nana came over for football and pumpkin carving, which Milo LOVED.  He especially loved gutting the pumpkins.  Finn is (in general) just really happy to be a part of the activity.  He was grumpy over the weekend with cold symptoms, but he's fine now.

For Halloween, I was able to get home in time to join Richard and a bunch of other families from the neighborhood with our friends Jen and Rob Kawasaki, and their two boys Lance and Blake.  We played in costume at their house then went en masse trick-or-treating with 15 or so kids under the age of 5.  What a riot!  Forgot a real camera, so these are from my phone and a little blurry.

Once we got home we realized we forgot candy - so we were lame and turned off the lights.  Richard took Milo to the few neighbors we needed to see, and I got Finn to bed.  But not before getting this shot!

One last thing, this is my new office!  We've been here a month already.

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Our version...

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Finn video

Sorry, Finn's moment came when the only camera I had available was my phone.

We're still here!

Life is hectic, what can I say.  We are anticipating Halloween - Milo is excited to be a dragon and to go to the pumpkin patch tomorrow.  We went to a Halloween party last weekend and the boys had a fun time in their costumes (Finn is a cow).
Milo is pretty much done with gymnastics, but he is excited to start a 6 week swim course on Nov 5.  He is very into superheroes, pirates, and the characters from Toy Story.  This week he got Rex from Toy Story as a reward for learning to poop on the potty.  It is very exciting.  He got Jessie when he stopped having pee pee accidents, and Woody for his birthday, and he's hoping for Slinky Dog for Christmas. 
Milo is also working on reading - he can read all of his letters(capital and lower case), and he can identify all of the letter sounds either by seeing the letter or sounding out the first or last letter of a word he hears or picture he identifies.  He is working on recognizing some sight words like Milo, Mama, Finn, and we are working on some 2 letter words for now.  He is pretty good with numbers but he doesn't seem too interested in counting past 20.  He can count backwards from 10 now, though, thanks to a book about rockets and blasting off!  He's very interested in exclamation points and question marks.
Finally, since his birthday, Milo is in love with baseball.  He got a t-ball setup from Grandad that also has the option of spitting the ball up to hit, and either option will keep him busy for a long time.  We took it to the local park on Labor Day and ended up with half of the neighborhood playing a pick-up game of Dad's pitch.  Milo had a ball.  
His 3rd birthday was in August, so these are a little late but his stats are: Ht 39" (80%), wt 40 lb 1.6 oz (97%), HC 20.47" (97%).

Finn is getting so big!  He is crawling and cruising and getting into everything related to Milo.  He is sleeping all night and wakes up talking instead of crying, which is pretty cool.  Milo is very sweet to him and Finn LOVES his big brother!
Finn took a long road to crawl - he seemed to take forever to sit up but once he did he never really wobbled.  I remember Milo sitting for a while before he could do so without someone nearby to prevent toppling.  Finn did a lot of moving without crawling, specifically he really liked to get into a plank position - we couldn't figure out how he could do that but not crawl.  He started crawling a week or two before he hit 8 months, and now at 9 months (minus 3 days) he can pull up on anything and will cruise on anything that is available. 
Finn is starting to be interested in books, he will actually sit still and pay attention through his books or Milo's.  At bedtime, on nights when Richard is gone, Milo gets to pick out one book for Finn and 2 for himself and we all snuggle up and read.  I have to remember to do this with Finn because he is so easy to get to bed - Milo always needed a ritual (including reading) but you can just tell Finn it's time for bed and he just smiles and goes to sleep. 
Finn has 4 teeth, and he is definitely putting everything in his mouth.  He doesn't seem to mind teething at all, which is nice, but he hasn't really gotten chewing down yet.  He really wants to eat the baby crackers and cereals, but we have to stay very close by for any Heimlich requirements.  We're working on it. 
Finn is a talker (surprise) and smiles and laughs a lot.  His favorite game is still peek-a-boo, and he likes to play whatever Milo plays.
Our doctor doesn't do 9 month checkups, but I think he weighs about 21 lbs now.  His 6 month stats (in early August) were:  Ht 25.75" (83%), Wt 18 lb 11 oz (63%), HC 16.75" (13%).


Richard and I are status quo - he is coming to the end of the mountain bike season and spent last weekend in Moab with some friends.  I did a few tris this summer and am now trying to get into an exercise routine with nursing and 2 kids.  We have been able to have a few date nights too!  We all went to Crested Butte in late July/early August with Richard's immediate family.

 Richard's birthday dinner.

 our anniversary, outside Crested Butte.